Machine Learning Course with Python

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About Course

Hi guys! I am Siddhardhan. I work in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. It all started with my curiosity to learn about Artificial Intelligence and the ability of AI to solve several Real Life Problems. I worked on several Machine Learning & Deep Learning projects involving Computer Vision.
I am on this journey to empower as many students & working professionals as possible with the knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In this full (68.42hrs) course, you will learn everything from python programming to mathematics to machine learning by creating more than 10 real world projects.

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Course By – “Siddhardhan”

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • You will learn differences about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, etc.
  • You will learn Python programming language from beginning for Machine Learning
  • You will learn about Python Libraries used for Machine Learning
  • You will learn about data collection and processing for Machine Learning
  • You will learn Mathematics used for Machine Learning
  • You will learn about Machine Learning Models and learn to use them as well as create them from scratch
  • You will learn to validate Machine Learning Models
  • You will learn to create and deploy Machine Learning Models

Course Content

Machine Learning Basics

  • Machine Learning Course Curriculum
  • 1.1 AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning | AI vs ML vs DL
  • 1.2. Supervised vs Unsupervised vs Reinforcement Learning | Types of Machine Learning
  • 1.3. Supervised Learning | Types of Supervised Learning
  • 1.4. Unsupervised Learning | Clustering and Association Algorithms in Machine Learning
  • 1.5. What is Deep Learning | Deep Learning Tutorial | Deep Learning Simplified

Python Basics for Machine Learning

Important Python Libraries for Machine Learning

Data Collection and Pre-Processing

Mathematics for Machine Learning

Machine Learning Models

Building Machine Learning Models from Scratch

Cross Validation; Hyperparameter Tuning; Model Selection

Machine Learning Projects

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