Web Application Pentesting

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“Do Not Use The Knowledge and Information from this Course for Unethical Purpose”.

Cybersecurity has become the prime concern for every service organization these days. Organizations, unacquainted with the cyber-attacks and the harm it can cause to the systems are falling prey to these attacks. Therefore, the most appropriate way to secure the organization is to focus on comprehensive security testing techniques. The effective testing approach to assess the current security posture of the system is known as penetration testing also known as ‘Pen Testing’.

Web application pentesting must be conducted by organizations and individuals with web apps periodically to keep up with the latest attacks methodologies and security flaws. With the rise in web-based applications, huge amounts of data are stored and transmitted through them, making them attractive targets for cyber attackers.

Web app penetration testing is the process of simulating hacker-style attacks to identify potential vulnerabilities in web apps using simulated attacks. Its purpose is to uncover and mitigate security risks to improve the application’s overall security posture before they can be exploited by real-world attackers.

It is essential as it helps in determining the security posture of the entire web application including the database, back-end network, etc. Moreover, it suggests ways to strengthen it.

A career as a pen tester gives you the opportunity to apply your hacking skills for the greater good by helping organizations protect themselves from cyber criminals. It’s also an in-demand, high-paying career path.

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for penetration testers in the US is $97,638 annually. This figure includes an average base salary of $90,673 and $6,965 additional pay. Additional pay may represent profit-sharing, commissions, or bonuses.

Course By – “The Cyber Mentor”

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn all phases of Web App Penetration Testing in Depth
  • You will learn about different types hacking
  • You will learn about the programming languages required for Web App Pentesting
  • You will learn about the tools used in Web App Pentesting
  • You will learn about Bug Bounty

Course Content

All Lessons

  • Episode 1 – Enumeration
  • Episode 2 – Enumeration, XSS, and UI Bypassing
  • Episode 3 – XSS, SQL Injection, and Broken Access Control
  • Episode 4 – XXE, Input Validation, Broken Access Control, and More XSS
  • Episode 5: SQL Injections and Live Bug Bounty Hunting
  • Bug Bounty – Hunting Third Level Domains
  • Burp Suite Pro Walkthrough
  • Broken Object Level Authorization (BOLA) Explained
  • HTTP Fundamentals in 10 Minutes
  • Learn WebApp Pentesting: 2023 edition
  • Top 3 Programming Languages for Cybersecurity in 2023
  • Learn Offensive JavaScript TODAY
  • Clickjacking – Hacking Web Application UIs
  • New Web Hacking Tool That May Replace Burp Suite
  • Blind SQL Injection Made Easy
  • How to Hack WordPress
  • Directory Traversal attacks are scary easy
  • Web App Hacking with Caido.io

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